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Save $1500 on Invisalign

Invisalign Special Offer

Have you been considering straightening your teeth but hate the thought of metal braces? You’re not alone. The high demand for an alternative to traditional orthodontics prompted the creation of Invisalign. This revolutionary system allows adults to straighten crooked teeth without wires, brackets, bands, or metal braces.

Exceptionally trained in general, cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry, Dr. Scott Wagner’s standard of care is second to none. As an Invisalign Elite Preferred Provider, Dr. Wagner is in the top 1% of Invisalign dentists in North America and proudly offers this treatment to his Jacksonville-Beach-area patients. And now for a limited time as part of this exclusive offer, you can save $1500 on Invisalign treatment with Dr. Wagner today!

Our office is located in Jacksonville Beach but serves patients from across the nation, as well as the surrounding areas of Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, St. Augustine and Ponte Vedra. Call Eccella today to reserve your appointment!

Before & After

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Closeup of teeth before Invisalign Closeup of teeth after Invisalign


  • Clear & virtually invisible
  • Smooth, comfortable plastic aligners
  • Easily removable to clean & while eating
  • Less food restrictions


  • Require brackets & wires
  • Can poke & irritate mouth
  • Brushing & flossing require more effort
  • Many food restrictions

Cut treatment time in half

Is time a factor that’s holding you back from seeking Invisalign treatment? Considering the average Invisalign case takes about 12 months for adults, we understand your concern—you want straighter teeth, and you want them today.

Conventionally, using Invisalign to correct misaligned teeth took a lot of time—a natural, biological process has to occur that allows your gums, bone and teeth to gradually move into place. Expediting this development used to be impossible—until now.

We’re using a brand new, state-of-the-art technology from Propel Orthodontics that cuts treatment time in half! Propel uses a university-proven technique called Alveocentesis that stimulates the bone surrounding your teeth, inducing a biological response that moves your teeth at a much quicker pace. The non-invasive process takes only minutes and is completely painless. The best part? In most cases Propel is 100% covered by insurance.

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“I just got Invisalign from Dr. Wagner and look amazing! Can't even tell I'm wearing them. He uses the latest technology available. He and his team are so cool—I actually don't hate going to the dentist anymore!” -Carolyn Klucha, Google+ Reviewer
“My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Wagner for more than 15 years. Dr. Wagner is very patient, caring and knowledgeable. He always makes sure we are comfortable and understand every procedure he does. I'm currently in the final stages of my 'Invisalign' treatment and I am very pleased with the results.” -Bonnie Reynolds, Google+ Reviewer