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Why Can’t I Stop Snoring? Cure for Sleep Apnea Jacksonville Prefers

September 1, 2015

snoring keeping you up at night cure for sleep apnea jacksonville beach fl Snoring is one of the most obvious signs that a patient suffers from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). While OSA isn’t contagious, the other adverse side effects like fatigue, headaches, and memory loss or confusion are easily transferred to the loved ones kept up all night by loud snoring. Many patients believe that the use of a constant positive airway pressure (CPAP) system is the only way to regain their peaceful sleep, but actually, an unobtrusive, comfortable dental appliance may provide the relief patients with OSA desire. Call Dr. Scott Wagner and his Jacksonville Beach, FL team to schedule a sleep apnea consultation, and find out more about how a mouthguard could help you stop snoring and sleep through the night.

Sleep Apnea and Snoring Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

February 22, 2015

474189791To have a good day, you must first have a good night. For many people, however, a good night is but a dream. If you or the person one pillow over snores, then you know what we’re referring to here. Night after night of interrupted sleep makes for exhaustion during the day. But that’s not all. Snoring may be a sign of a serious condition called sleep apnea. For sleep apnea and snoring treatment that results in peaceful nights and productive days, patients in the Jacksonville, FL, area turn to Dr. Scott Wagner at Eccella Smiles.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a chronic condition that actually results in the cessation of breathing. The most common form is obstructive sleep apnea. In this case, the airway becomes blocked when soft tissue—like your tongue—relax during sleep and fall back, thereby interfering with breathing. A person with sleep apnea may not even realize what’s happening, but the brain does and signals the body to wake up in order to restart breathing. Believe it or not, this may happen more than 100 times during the night. That adds up to a lot of missed sleep. No wonder people with sleep apnea are tired during the day! Sleep apnea sufferers may also experience morning headaches, dry mouth or sore throat; difficulty concentrating; memory problems and a lack of coordination.

Solving Sleep Apnea

Fortunately, treating sleep apnea does not necessarily require surgery or a bulky CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine. The solution might be a thin, flexible mouthguard that Dr. Wagner prescribes to hold your jaw forward while you sleep, so your airway remains open. This oral appliance has worked for many patients who snore and/or have sleep apnea and may be an alternative for patients who have tried a CPAP and found it intolerable.

Schedule an Appointment Today

If you suspect that you or the person next to you who snores may have sleep apnea, then call Eccella Smiles. We will be happy to evaluate you. Located in Jacksonville Beach, FL, patients visit our office from across the nation, as well as from the surrounding areas of Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach and St. Augustine.

Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Can Work For You Too

September 23, 2014

187007308You can do it all. Every day you balance perfectly the responsibilities of work and family. From meetings and practices, to shopping and organizing, you are the glue that holds it all together. You fight the battle we call daily life and you relish in the small victories. However, when you look in the mirror at night you can see that the stress of the everyday has taken its toll on your skin. But you no longer have to live with the proof of a busy life on your face. You can regain your youthful, worry free appearance. Dr. Wagner has been helping people just like you change the face they see in the mirror, not with surgery, but with the latest innovations in skin rejuvenation therapy. Make an appointment with Dr. Wagner at Eccella Smiles today. Eccella Smiles is more than a dentist office, it’s a comprehensive wellness center dedicated to helping you look and feel your best. Eccella Smiles is conveniently located in Jacksonville Beach, FL, close to St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra, Atlantic Beach, and Neptune Beach.

Choices in Skin Rejuvenation Therapy

Dr. Wagner can offer you the latest in skin rejuvenation therapies including:

  • Botox- This popular medicationis injected into muscles in the face to improve the appearance of crow’s feet and frown lines between the eyebrows and on the forehead.
  • Obagi- These therapies can improve signs of skin aging and skin conditions like age spots, rough skin, redness, yellowish complexion and discoloration.
  • Skin Medica – Skin care therapy made from antioxidants and retinoid that repair the natural appearance of your skin by helping to prevent free radical damage.
  • Vivite- Skin care therapy thatexfoliates, hydrates and protects your skin. These products contain glycolic acid which helps promote the skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid and collagen.

Skin Rejuvenation Therapy in Jacksonville, FL

Inevitably, time, stress and age will cause our naturally healthy skin cells to break down. Luckily, there are many treatments readily available to restore your skin’s natural beauty.  You have worked hard to achieve your goals, now you can let Dr. Wagner’s skin rejuvenation therapies work hard to renew your appearance. Experience and enjoy the refreshing confidence that comes with skin rejuvenation therapy. Make an appointment with Dr. Wagner at Eccella Smiles today. The experienced team at Eccella Smiles is waiting on your call. Eccella Smiles proudly serves patients throughout Jacksonville Beach, FL, St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach and surrounding communities.

Is Snoring Hurting Your Marriage? Sleep Apnea Treatment in Jacksonville Beach, FL

August 15, 2014

494282527Loud snoring is one of the most common nuisances cited by partners of patients with sleep apnea. If your spouse’s snoring keeps you from getting the sleep you so desperately need, it’s only a matter of time before one of you ends up sleeping on the couch or in another room. Fortunately, the problem of excessive snoring caused by sleep apnea can be solved with treatment at the Jacksonville Beach, FL practice of Dr. Scott Wagner. With sleep apnea therapy at Eccella Smiles, you and your partner can finally enjoy the quiet, peaceful, and uninterrupted sleep you deserve.

Understanding Sleep Apnea Treatment

Patients who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea experience lapses in their breathing numerous times throughout the night. This occurs when the airway is blocked by the tongue and soft palate. In order to correct this problem, Dr. Wagner may recommend a customized oral appliance that keeps the jaw positioned properly. The comfortable mouthguard helps to keep the airways open for easy breathing as you sleep, eliminating instances of sleep apnea as well as snoring.

Why is Sleep Apnea Treatment Important?

In addition to stopping snoring, sleep apnea treatment helps to reduce the risk of complications linked to the condition. Untreated sleep apnea has been correlated with a variety of serious health conditions, including heart disease, excessive daytime fatigue, liver problems, stroke, and respiratory failure. Treatment from Dr. Wagner can help to drastically diminish the chances that a patient with obstructive sleep apnea will suffer from these and other problems.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

If you or your partner experiences difficulty breathing while sleeping, excessive snoring, or any of the other symptoms commonly associated with sleep apnea, please contact our office in Jacksonville Beach, FL today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Scott Wagner. We look forward to developing a treatment plan that is specifically designed with your unique needs in mind, helping you find lasting relief from sleep apnea and its many complications. Our state-of-the-art dental practice proudly serves patients from throughout communities in Jacksonville Beach, St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, and beyond.

Sleep Apnea: What You Need to Know

June 28, 2013

faintSnoring is often considered a harmless, if frustrating habit; in fact, many people don’t even realize they do it until a sleepy partner shakes them awake in the middle of the night. However, did you know that snoring can be an indicator of a much more dangerous condition? If you suffer from chronic snoring, daytime exhaustion, or constant morning headaches, you may be experiencing sleep apnea, which can negatively affect your overall health if left untreated. Thankfully, your local dentist in Jacksonville Beach doesn’t just handle matters of the teeth and gums – he can also provide an effective solution for your sleep apnea and help you sleep better and smile brighter!

What exactly is sleep apnea?

Snoring occurs when a patient’s air pathway is partially blocked by the muscles in the throat; sleep apnea happens when the pathway is blocked to the point that it’s nearly impossible to breathe. When this happens, the patient’s brain sends a signal urging them to wake up and breathe, causing them to be temporarily roused from deep sleep as they clear their airway. This sequence of events only lasts seconds, but it can happen countless times a night, keeping them from being able to achieve deep, lasting rest, impairing productivity during daylight hours, and even leading to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

How can a dentist help me?

First, your local dentist will recommend that you visit a sleep specialist in order to confirm if you are suffering from this condition. Then, they can create an oral appliance that’s custom-made for your mouth. You simply wear it at night when asleep – the device will hold your jaw forward and keep your airway from closing, effectively keeping you from experiencing any symptoms of sleep apnea and allowing you to finally get a good night’s rest.

Your local dentist in Jacksonville Beach has lots of experience in helping curb the negative effects of sleep apnea, and he’ll be happy to pass his knowledge onto you too! Our practice also serves the areas of Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra, and beyond.

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