PPM Making Headlines! San Francisco Chronicle

Ppm Making Headlines! San Francisco Chronicle

Pure Power Athletics Inc.: A Performance Enhancer That Even Senator George Mitchell Should Approve.

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Published: 02/12/08 03:38 PM PST

TURO, NOVA SCOTIA — (MARKET WIRE) — 02/12/08 — Seattle Seahawks kicker Josh Brown has been keeping a big secret.
As the ongoing scourge of an illegal steroids storm continues to rage unabated in the world of professional sports, the former Nebraska Cornhusker recently admitted that he too has been enhancing his performance.
But Brown, who ranks third on the all-time Cornhusker scoring list cautioned that he hasn’t been using chemicals or drugs to greatly enhance his strength and balance.
Instead, he said during a recent exclusive interview from his Seattle home that he has been using a completely legal and natural mouth guard to give him his jaw dropping results on the field and in the weight room thanks to an appliance being offered by a network of neuromuscular dentists in the United States: Dr. Roger Roubal (Omaha); Dr. Doug Brossoit (Spokane); Dr. Mike Bixby (New Jersey); and Dr. Gary Lederman (New York).
“I’m a field goal kicker so at first I thought: why would I need a mouth guard,” said Brown. “But it really did help me this past season. I had five or six tackles which is incredible for a kicker. The mouth guard also helped me run faster because my body was in its optimum position.”
Brown started wearing the Pure Power Mouthguard (PPM) earlier last year and the rest is now Seahawks history as his game excelled helping his team to a NFC Conference semi-final berth against the Green Bay Packers.
PPM makers claim that the device increases strength and balance by up to 50 per cent and in the highly competitive world of pro sports this type of enhancement transforms into results on the field.
“When people don’t believe in the concept I just explain to them there has always been a science behind mouth guards and in the past Olympic weight lifters have used them,” said Brown. “There is really something to having structural integrity and the PPM enhances that. Ask any engineer he isn’t going to build a building by just throwing up pipes and beams – you want the building to have the proper strength and integrity – it is the same thing with the PPM: it gives you that structural integrity.”
Brown’s numbers this season seem to support his claims as he finished seventh in NFL scoring with 127 points and eighth in field goal accuracy going 28-for-34.
“The PPM actually made it easier getting up and out of bed in the morning,” said Brown. “As you know most pro football players usually feel sore after game days, but I wasn’t sore and didn’t have the aches or pains that normally go along with playing pro football.”
In one of his most memorable moments this season, Brown surprised a sell-out crowd at Q-West Field during Week 11 of the regular season, and even some of his teammates, when he crunched Bears kick return specialist Devon Hester with a bone crunching tackle to help lead the Seahawks to a 30-23 victory.
“I’m always prepared to make a tackle but being a kicker in the NFL: that rarely ever happens,” said Brown. “I felt like he (Hester) wasn’t really taking me into account…My whole body was able to take some relief during that game and the entire season because I had the PPM. The game just came a lot easier to me.”
The PPM was developed by Canadian Dalhousie University scientist Dr. Anil Makkar. After less than two years on the market, its popularity has started to snowball amongst many professional athletes.
Makkar’s invention is based on the basic principles of neuromuscular dentistry which maintains that 90 per cent of the population has an overbite and can attribute much of their back, neck and joint pain to a subsequent out-of-line spinal column.
“Right now the company is still in its infancy and we are still trying to go out and prove to people that this does work.”
John Stenger a Notre Dame scientist was the first to apply neuromuscular science to the world of athletics when he helped members of the 1963 Fighting Irish football team overcome serious back and neck problems with an oral apparatus he developed over a five year period.
But Makkar’s adaptation thrusts Stenger’s discovery light years forward, using sophisticated neuromuscular machinery and computers to create the perfect mouth guard which puts each individual’s jaw in the most comfortable and ideal position to allow the rest of the body to do the work it was designed for.
“We have athletes who use our products and have wonderful stories to tell,” said Makkar. “We also have a lot of athletes using the product who don’t want to talk about it because it is their secret weapon.”
All is all, users include over 150 professional athletes in North America covering all four major sports leagues – NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL. There are also others singing the praises of the mouth guard.
“In the National Hockey League, the PPM is also catching on with marquee players,” said Bixby.
All doctors are well aware of the negativity surrounding professional sports and the illegal drugs and envision the PPM as a completely safe and legal alternative.
“If you want to be the best you can be this is a legal and healthy way to achieve that goal, the PPM optimizes your talent and abilities,” said Roubal.
Brown concurs and says he wishes he had access to this technology back in his high school football days in Oklahoma and later during his collegiate career with the Cornhuskers.
“When I was weight training in my formative years, it really would have made a big difference in how my early career numbers turned out,” said Brown.
This is coming from the man who set a NCAA record in his sophomore season when he connected on all nine extra point attempts during the Alamo Bowl.
Brown says the PPM allows him to lift an extra 20 or 30 lbs for each exercise in the weight room and also says the device improves oxygen flow to the lungs by opening up the airway.
Meanwhile, back in the post Mitchell report world of Major League Baseball, Makkar says that the Toronto Blue Jays, Detroit Tigers, Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics will have some of their players fitted for the device when they take to the field later this month during Spring Training which all the dentists will be involved in.
The PPM doesn’t come cheap though, starting low end models range from $800.00 while high end professional PPM appliances usually cost in the neighborhood of $1600.00.
“The reason I got involved with this product is because I know it will introduce the public to a completely new concept and change their lives,” said Brossoit.
Lederman added, “We want to make athletes run faster, jump higher and lift more weight but this can also be life changing and life saving – it is such a powerful invention.”
The doctors admit that not too many have warmed up to the advantages of the PPM but thinks this resistance will change as athletes like Brown sing its praises.
The device can also be used for most sports from weight lifting to basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, hockey and football and the doctors see one of the biggest potential markets for the PPM in the area of golf.
Brown concurs stating that he is itching to try the device out when he hits the links this spring.
“I’m definitely curious to see how it helps my golf game too. Just to see how the improved focus and generation of power helps out in that department will be interesting,” Brown concluded.
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