VIP Treatments

The truth of the matter is that TIME is something that is almost as valuable as money these days. Historically, getting any kind of dentistry done (crowns, bridges, veneers) could take several visits and not to mention lots of shots. The stress and anxiety thinking about it are more than enough to make patients nervous, but then the time commitment on top of all of that can be overwhelming.

You may have already delayed treatment due to your busy schedule. Dr. Wagner and our team understand, and we’re here to help. Many of our patients need a lot of dental work performed in a very short amount of time. Whether this is because of work, travel, family demands, or other obligations, we can provide a solution. With our special VIP scheduling, you can receive a great deal of dental work in just one or two visits.

Dr. Wagner specializes in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, and our exceptional, dedicated team can complete treatments quickly without sacrificing quality. Patients who take advantage of our VIP services include:

  • Business travelers
  • Executives
  • Working moms
  • Out-of-town guests
  • Anyone with a busy schedule!

No matter your reasons for needing dental work done in a short time-frame, we can accommodate you. Our team will make the arrangements, ensuring your comfort throughout the process. Dr. Wagner and the team at ECCELLA Smiles can give you the exceptional service you deserve. Call our dental office in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Get healthy and get there fast! Call 904-297-3698 and for VIP scheduling