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Smile Makeovers in Jacksonville FloridaA smile not only communicates warmth and kindness, it can also improve your mood!

FACT #1: Studies show that the simple act of smiling can lift a person’s spirits, as well as positively impact the temperaments of those around them.

FACT #2: Studies show that people with bad smiles are thought to be less intelligent and have a greater chance of getting passed over for job promotions. It’s disappointing that, as a society, we can sometimes be superficial, but it’s definitely an important truth to understand.

If your teeth prevent you from smiling and being your true self, then it’s time to visit Dr. Wagner for a smile makeover. In just a few visits, a smile makeover can drastically improve your appearance and elevate your self-confidence. If you want to learn more about your cosmetic dentistry options, call the Eccella Smiles & Aesthetics team to schedule a consultation visit with us today.

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Smile Enhancement in Jacksonville FL


The first step to your flawless smile makeover plan is visiting our office for a smile consultation. We begin by taking approximately 18 digital photos. Then we carefully examine your smile, facial symmetry, lip support, alignment, and facial aesthetics. Then, we carefully listen what your goals are, and we review your photos. If you like, bring some of your favorite smiles be they celebrities, family, or friends. We encourage you to bring pictures along for us to look at. Using these photos and your cosmetic goals as our guide, we can begin to design a custom cosmetic dentistry plan to help you transform your flawed teeth into gorgeous smiles. We use our state-of-the-art iTERO digital scanner and digital imaging software to create some treatment options. We can also show you before and after images of our patients, so you can get a better understanding of what to expect from various cosmetic treatments. We take the time to walk you through all of your treatment options, pricing, answer your questions, and address other concerns to ensure you feel completely confident with your plan before we begin your cosmetic treatments.


Dr. Scott Wagner and our dentistry team use advanced technology and modern techniques to give you high-quality results in a short amount of time. Some examples of time saving treatment plans we can offer include:

  • Teeth whitening and Invisalign
  • We can create extremely durable, metal-free crowns and porcelain veneers in just one visit, using our CEREC machine.
  • With same day cosmetic bonding, we can close gaps and cover stains in a single visit.
  • Porcelain veneers offer long lasting, stain resistant cosmetic solutions for patients who want to completely transform their smiles. Veneers can correct or conceal any number of cosmetic flaws.

The first step of any cosmetic dentistry plan is to ensure your smile is healthy. If there are any areas of decay or damage, we will repair these before moving forward with any cosmetic dentistry services. Next, we’ll create a cosmetic smile makeover plan that fits your schedule and budget while delivering the flawless results you’re after. We work with you to design your dream smile and make it a reality.

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