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Sedation Dentistry in Jacksonville, FLIf you avoid the dentist because of anxiety, you’re far from alone. Every year, anxiety and fear keep millions from going to the dentist. That’s why Dr. Wagner has included options for oral sedation as one of Eccella’s many services. With sedation dentistry, it’s possible for patients to get the treatment they need without feeling any anxiety.  It is not uncommon for us to have clients walking in the door the first time literally shaking with fear or even crying because of a bad previous experience at the dentist.  However, after your first step inside, you’ll know we are different. We create options that help break down those barriers. Our goal is for you to experience dentistry in a way that you never have before. We all understand that bad experiences can create huge barriers to your health. It is our job to create a new experience for you – one that’s free of fear and anxiety. We want to help you feel comfortable moving forward with the care that you need to get healthy.


There’s nothing wrong with needing some additional help to overcome dental anxiety. We have fantastic medications and safe techniques that millions of people have trusted for their dental care. Dr. Wagner offers several types of sedation amenities, including the following:



With oral sedation, patients will be provided with a prescription and detailed instructions regarding when to take the medication prior to their procedure. Once the effects have taken hold, patients should enter a deep state of relaxation while remaining aware enough to respond to our team’s commands. You will need to arrange for a trusted friend or family member to drive you both to and from our office on the day of your appointment, as you will not be capable of driving yourself safely once you’ve taken the medication.


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Some patients feel nervous when faced with the idea of using medication to achieve relaxation during dental treatment. Thankfully, there’s enough option available to them – NuCalm. This clinical system is designed to help both your mind and body relax in a safe, natural way. It is broken down into four key components, including the use of topical cream or chews, stimulation patches, headphones, and an eye mask. The goal is to bring your brain waves down from beta level (associated with fear and stress) to alpha level (associated with relaxation and peacefulness).

If you have questions about Nucalm or oral sedation, don’t hesitate to give our Jacksonville Beach office a call. Dr. Wagner would be happy to meet with you and make a recommendation. Our commitment is to help you achieve your optimal health and in the most stress-free way possible.


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