Your Body and Mind at Ease with Sedation/Sleep Dentistry from Dr. Wagner

relaxed-womanIf you avoid the dentist because of anxiety, you’re far from alone. Every year, anxiety and fear keeps millions from going to the dentist. That’s why Dr. Wagner has included sedation/sleep dentistry as one of Eccella’s many services. With sedation/sleep dentistry, it’s possible for patients to get the treatment they need without feeling any anxiety.  It is not uncommon for us to have clients walking in the door the first time literally shaking in fear…..even crying….because of a bad previous experience.  However, after your first step inside, you’ll know we are different.  We create options that help break down those barriers.  Our goal is for you to experience dentistry in a way that you never have before.  We all understand that bad experiences can create huge barriers to your health.  It is our job to create a new experience for you…….one free of fear, free of anxiety, and one where you are comfortable moving forward with care that you need to get healthy.

How Does Sleep Dentistry Work?

There’s nothing wrong with needing some additional help to overcome dental anxiety. We have fantastic medications and safe techniques that millions of people have trusted for their dental care. Dr. Wagner offers sedation with an oral medication (oral sedation), and our Periodontal/Implant Specialist offers oral sedation and I.V. sedation (twilight sedation) . With oral sedation, you simply take a pill prior to your visit and then rest comfortably while your treatment is performed. With IV sedation, we can reduce or increase the amount of sedation you receive while you’re in the chair, so your level of comfort is optimized. Dr. Wagner and our surgeon are available to discuss your options and help you choose which method of sedation is appropriate in your situation.
If you have questions about whether sedation/sleep dentistry is right for you, don’t hesitate to give our Jacksonville Beach office a call. Dr. Wagner would be happy to meet with you and make a recommendation. Our commitment is to helping you achieve your best smile and in the most stress-free way possible.