Benefits Of Having Fluoride in Drinking Water


It is quite likely that you have heard of the adverse effect of Fluoride on your child’s oral health. However, according to a dentist in Jacksonville, most of these beliefs are not true. Fluoride is a mineral found in most naturally occurring components of nature. It can be found in rocks, air, water, and soil. It is also the substance responsible for strengthening the enamel, that is, the white outer layer of the teeth.

Aside from this, fluoride is also used for PET scans and other medical imaging scans, as a cleaning agent, in the production of pesticides, and the making of steel and aluminum products. In this article, you will discover the amazing benefits of this mineral especially when it is present in drinking water. Some of the benefits of fluoride in consumable water are:

It Works Well In Preventing Cavities

Fluoridation of water has been a thing since the 60s and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it has drastically reduced the percentage of children with decayed or missing teeth in the United States. Tooth decay is what happens when sugar and food substances are broken down by bacteria in the mouth. This then leads to the production of the acid that dissolves the hard surface of the teeth. For this reason, fluoridation is now an important process in water purification and one of the greatest achievements of public health in the 20th century.

It is Completely Safe

For years now, science has continually proven how safe water fluoridation is. One of its popular benefits recognized by even top organizations like the American Dental Association and WHO is its ability to prevent tooth decay.

It Prevents Expenses

The presence of fluoride can go a long way to prevent expenses that could be incurred by dental care costs. When there is an optimal level of fluoride in water, your tooth enamel is remineralized. This process also reverses tooth decay in its early stage and prevents tooth cavities.

It Is Natural

One of the benefits of fluoride in drinking water is that it is natural. Therefore, it is already present to an extent in most water sources on earth. Fluoridating your drinking water does not alter the natural composition of the water and can be compared to adding iodine to salt which is already a natural constituent of the substance. Therefore, drinking water that has been fluoridated is considered safe and effective in preventing Cavities amongst all ages.

How Do I Know If My Water Is Fluoridated?

Now that you know the benefits of fluoride in your drinking water, how then do you know if your water is fluoridated?

Not all states and cities in the US have fluoridated water. To test if your community water possesses this mineral, you can reach out to authorities like CDC for the right testing tools. Nevertheless, if your city does not fluoridate its water, you can get a good level of fluoride to protect your dental health by using fluoride toothpaste and fluoride mouthwash twice a day.

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