Dysport VS Botox Jacksonville: Treatments, Results, and Research

youthful looking woman with smooth forehead and eyes thanks to botox jacksonville trustsFor more than 20 years, Botox has been touted as a wonder-drug for reducing pain, inflammation, and wrinkles. This neuromodulator impedes unconscious muscle movement that leads to pain in damaged or strained muscles, inflammation leading to health concerns like overactive bladder, and contraction-induced wrinkles. In 2009, the US approved Dysport, a competitor for Botox that has similar applications and results. Dysport had been used in the UK and Europe for many years before coming to the US. Since that time, researchers have delved into the difference between the two, and while most qualified Botox and Dysport administrators rely on patient preference when determining which injectable to use, there are some notable differences to take into account before choosing an anti-wrinkle treatment option.

How they Work

Both Botox and Dysport are forms of the botulinum toxin type-a protein that causes cessation of unconscious muscle movement. When these contractions are reduced or eliminated, fine lines and wrinkles caused by these repeated motions smooth out. Botox and Dysport are both injected into areas around the eyes where contraction-induced wrinkles are prominent. The entire process is completed in less than half an hour, and patients begin to see reduction in wrinkles within a week.

Notable Differences

  • Dysport is a smaller version of the botulinum toxin protein molecule. For this reason, the protein is able to work more quickly. Dysport is shown to work more quickly with noticeable results in 2 to 5 days vs 4 to 7 days typically of Botox. However, the smaller molecule often necessitates higher dosages to achieve the same results that are possible with Botox.
  • Because the Dysport protein is smaller, the body is less likely to produce antigens to remove it from the system. Early research indicated that this would lead to longer lasting results, but current research reveals that Botox actually lasts longer despite increased numbers of antigens. However, this difference in the two proteins makes it possible for patients who are resistant to Botox to receive effective treatment with Dysport and vice versa.
  • The smaller Dysport protein is able to spread over a wider surface. This is beneficial for patients who wish to treat a larger area, but requires more skilled application to prevent error. Botox is able to be directed more precisely.
  • Both products are said to last up to 4 months, but double blind research published in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery in 2011, reported that after 30 days, Dysport patients showed significantly fewer wrinkles while smiling compared to Botox users, but little or no difference in results when faces were at rest. Additionally, research is currently being conducted to determine whether repeated doses of Dysport or Botox on a 4 month cycle will eventually fully eliminate unnecessary muscle movement and contraction-induced wrinkles, but to date, results have been inconclusive.

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