Invisalign In Jacksonville – The Clear Choice To Save Time

Dr. Scott Wagner of Eccella Smiles is the premier provider of Invisalign in Jacksonville. FL. Find out how he can make your smile perfect here. You moved to Jacksonville to attend college – you work hard and your grades, along with the Florida sun, give you a lot to smile about. When you show off your pearly whites though, your self-confidence always takes a hit. You want straight teeth, but you don’t want a mouthful of metal to make it happen. And, between classes, school activities, and your job, you’re too busy to see the dentist every two weeks to have traditional braces adjusted. What can you do? The team at Eccella Smiles explains how Invisalign in Jacksonville can save your smile – and your time – in this post.

What Is Invisalign & How Does It Work?

Invisalign is the leader in clear teeth straightening. The process starts by working with Dr. Scott Wagner, your Jacksonville Invisalign dentist. You’ll discuss your current alignment issues and the results you’d like to achieve. Using advanced digital technology, you’ll start with a 3D model and get to take a look at what your teeth will look like when they’re all done.
We’ll take impressions of your teeth and then send them to the lab that will custom make your individualized clear aligners. You’ll receive your entire course of treatment in one shipment, and the aligners will be numbered in sequential order for your convenience. You’ll switch to a new pair about every two weeks and be delighted by the results.

How Is Invisalign Superior To Traditional Braces?

These clear aligners are preferable to traditional metal braces for several reasons:

  • Time – Since you won’t need to have your braces adjusted every two weeks, you’ll save time with fewer dental appointments. Dr. Wagner will need to see you every 4-6 weeks with Invisalign. It’s crucial to schedule and keep these appointments so we can make sure your teeth are healthy and moving into place correctly. You can also rest easy knowing that patients typically complete treatment in 6-18 months, on average.
  • Balanced Diet – Since you’ll take the clear aligners out of your mouth when you eat, you can still enjoy a variety of your favorite foods. Apples, carrots, and corn on the cob are still on the menu, and you can even have treats like popcorn and caramels, too.
  • Invisible Treatment – If you’re self-conscious about crooked teeth to begin with, why draw more attention to the issue with metal braces? Invisalign is virtually unnoticeable, and the thin, yet durable acrylic is designed to provide you with treatment that only you will be aware of.
  • Comfort – Say goodbye to irritated gums, lips, and cheeks with this virtually pain-free straightening system. You won’t have to worry about dental wax to protect the soft tissues of your mouth either. And, the gentle pressure that moves teeth into place is so comfortable, you may even forget you’re wearing Invisalign.
  • Great Results – Invisalign is so effective, many celebrities like Katherine Heigl and Anna Kendrick have used this method to make their teeth red-carpet ready. These celebs made sure to see their dentists regularly during the course of their treatment, to make sure their brilliant results were happening as planned.

Now that you know why Invisalign is the clear choice because you’ll only need to see Dr. Wagner every 4-6 weeks while your teeth are straightened, schedule your appointment today and get the perfect smile that’s waiting for you!