Parts of Dental Implants in Jacksonville

dental implants in JacksonvilleEccella Smiles allows you to regain a beautiful, complete smile using dental implants in Jacksonville Beach. Implants are the most preferred and successful solution to tooth loss as they function and look like natural teeth. Using posts to serve as the tooth root, which are inserted into the jaw bone, abutments are then used to hold a prosthetic crown in place. With just 3 simple materials, you’ll permanently resolve tooth loss for a new smile. As a cosmetic dentist in Jacksonville Beach for implants, we want you to be as educated as possible about the procedure to fully understand your course of treatment. We have everything you need to know about replacing missing teeth with implants.

Understanding Dental Implants

Dental implants have been available for over 25 years, offering a nearly 100 percent success rate when used on the ideal candidate. For those who have adequate bone density and proper oral and overall health, the implants offer a permanent solution to improve quality of life and oral health by gaining a complete smile.
To receive implants, you will be required to undergo oral surgery to insert titanium posts into the jaw bone. From there, an abutment is used to hold a prosthetic tooth in place. With the post firmly implanted into the jaw bone, your implant will be held securely in place for a lifelong new smile.
Dental Implant—The first step of the procedure involves surgically inserting a small titanium post into the jaw bone, which essentially looks like a screw. The post is bio-compatible so the jaw bone naturally accepts the post, allowing the bone to fuse to the implant for a strong, secure bond. This allows for faster healing, while also offering durability as titanium is proven to be strong, which is why titanium is even used on the space shuttle.
Abutment—Once your jaw bone has fused to the post, an abutment is used. An abutment is made from ceramic or titanium and is needed to anchor the prosthetic tooth to the implant post. An abutment is a vital component because it allows the prosthetic tooth to be securely attached to the post for a custom fit.
Crown—Finally, the crown is attached to the abutment to permanently fill the space from a missing tooth. Often the crowns are made from ceramic materials to offer a strong, yet natural-looking solution. The crowns can be customized to meet your individual needs while also creating a natural appearance.

Dental Implants in Jacksonville Beach

Eccella Smiles proudly offers dental implants in Jacksonville to give you a completely new smile. We use the most advancement treatment methods and procedures to ensure a successful implant procedure. We use the best materials to perform the procedure that have proven results to ensure your new smile lasts a lifetime. You’ll benefit from a proven treatment that offers a natural-looking solution to tooth loss.
If you’re considering dental implants, choose a dentist in Jacksonville you can trust. Call our office today at (904) 297-3698 to schedule a consultation.